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Adlyxin is an injectable prescription drug for the treatment & management of type 2 diabetes. A strictly prescription drug, Adlyxin must be used with valid proof of physician prognosis of the diabetic form.

All prescription drugs have stringent use & administration protocols. Adlyxin adheres to all FDA (Food & Drug Administration) use protocols.

Primary Properties & Dosages of Adlyxin

Generic Name: Lixisenatide.

Manufacturer: Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc.

Dosage Form: Injectable Prescription Pen Drug in Liquid Aqueous Form.

Packaging: 0. 1mg.mL – 2 pens, 50 mcg/mL -1 pens, 100mcg/mL – 2 pens.

Overdose Reactions & Indications

Excessive drug administration leads to drug sensitivity reactions and these are possible & common: fainting, anxiety, headache, blurry vision, cold sweats, darker urine, pale skin, chills, anxiety, cough, fast heartbeat, fever, seizures, constipation, vomiting, slurred speech, fainting, bloating & many others symptoms.

Caution: Lixisenatide (Adlyxin) must not prescribed or administered for the treatment & management of type 1 diabetes. The aqueous & colourless injection form liquid is effective for the control of hyper-diabetic forms and morbidities.

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