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Information About Lantus Medications

What is Lantus?

People with diabetes either do not produce enough insulin, or their bodies are unable to properly use the insulin that they do produce. When your body does not make enough insulin, you may need an external source of it.

Lantus is a brand name of insulin glargine, which is a long-acting insulin analog. Insulin analogs are man-made versions of the naturally occurring insulin. Lantus is a type of insulin called basal, or baseline insulin that is slowly released giving a long duration of action. This is contrasted to mealtime, or bolus, insulin which has a rapid onset and is typically used to control blood sugar levels during meals. The two types of insulin are commonly used together to provide all-day control of blood sugar levels.

What is Lantus used for?

Lantus is used for the treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes, and also adults and children aged six and older with type 1 diabetes for the control of high blood sugar. It supplies a steady release of insulin to help control your blood sugar levels overnight and between meals. Treatment with Lantus may also need the support of faster-acting mealtime insulin that helps reduce the effects of blood sugar spikes that occur during and after meals. It is usually taken in the evening or night time by people having type 1 diabetes, latent autoimmune diabetes of adults but rarely with those with type 2 diabetes. It is typically self-injected subcutaneously (under the skin) once daily. Lantus is not to be used to treat diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

How does Lantus work?

Lantus works by controlling blood sugar levels in the body just like naturally occurring human insulin does. It helps control your blood sugar all day with its formulation of microcrystals that slowly release the insulin, giving you a long-term baseline of insulin action that lasts up to 26 hours. Its action resembles the average secretion of natural insulin from non-diabetic pancreatic beta cells. This medication starts to work several hours after your injection and keeps working evenly throughout the day, without the spikes or peaks seen with most other insulin analogs.

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